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Terms & Conditions


Students enrol for the 6 week blocks. If government advice leads to the temporary closure, Students enrolled will be given online lessons. No deferrals or refunds are offered in this situation.

Missed Lessons

Any missed lesson by a student, whether or not notified in advance, will be marked as an ‘absent attendance’ and will not be reimbursed/made-up. We would ask that if a student is going to be absent for a lesson, to please notify me either by email or phone call/text. If there is going to be a long absence from lessons due to illness or other circumstances, please communicate this by email and we will do my best to accommodate you but cannot guarantee this.

We reserve the right to make changes to lesson timetables.

In the case that we would be absent, a credit will be given. In the case where we cannot conduct a lesson due to Covid but we are happy and well to teach, we will offer students the opportunity to undertake the lesson remotely. Students / Parents will be contacted in advance of the lesson to arrange. If it is not possible for a student to do their lesson remotely, they can opt out by notifying the school and will receive a make up credit for the missed lesson.

If a student cannot attend their lesson due to illness or COVID19, lessons can take place remotely. Students do not need to miss out!  Please contact us in advance to arrange lesson remotely. This must be done no later than midday on the lesson day. If contact is made closer to the start time it is at our discretion, if we can provide the lesson remotely or not.


Stay connected through email at Remember to check your inbox regularly, including the 'spam' folder, for important communications. If your contact details change, let me know immediately to keep our database updated.

Student Welfare

Students are expected to behave in a reasonable manner while in lessons and the premises and property must be treated respectfully at all times.

Before, after and in between lessons, responsibility for the welfare of the students rests with the parent or guardian.

Please ensure that children arrive promptly for the start of lessons and are collected promptly upon completion.

Students should be collected from inside the premises.

The waiting areas in the premises are quiet areas for students awaiting classes. Please do not allow students or siblings to create a distraction for the students in neighboring rooms.


Each student is responsible for applying for any exams and exam fees. These are paid directly to the relevant examining Board. Please discuss with your teacher who will be familiar with the process.

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